Quantum Censorship Proof Technologies 

QG® Quantum Space Revolution™

Unleash the full potential of space with Quantum Generation®.
Our cutting-edge technology transforms the way we live, work
and explore.  Join the QG369® Decentralized Community, a new
global society where space is no longer a constraint, but a
limitless frontier waiting to be explored

Harness quantum's potential with Quantum Generation®. Our QGSAT™ satellite constellation is pioneering industry transformation, spanning quantum communications, space banking, data storage, and decentralized social platforms. Join us in defining global infrastructure's future!

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Quantum Mesh Network™

Quantum Generation® is redefining global accessibility with round-the-clock access and unmatched sovereignty through a secure, private decentralized platform. Embrace boundless potential with QGWave® (Quantum Frequency), the pinnacle of 21st-century technology. Move beyond 5G constraints, embracing the liberty to connect and discover uncharted vistas. Be part of the Quantum Generation® and QGWave® evolution.

The Quantum Generation® Future

QG® technologies will build the backbone of a future quantum generation internet and QSAT™ satellite-blockchain based quantum communication. Fintech, iD, voting, Dapps and data storage systems.

Quantum Generation® Random Number Generator

Quantum Generation® secure encryption protects data indefinitely, delivering everlasting security and ultimate peace of mind. Ultra fast quantum randomness sources power a variety of QKD systems to provide the unpredictability and distribution profiles required for the quantum key distribution protocol.

Quantum Generation® 
Space Based Mobile™

QPhone™ and secure mobile devices with a fully secure encryption protocol, which will allow any mobile device to be quickly adapted to carry out fully encrypted communications for both security and defense.  The world's first space based encrypted mobile phone using our Space Based quantum Generation technology.

QPhone & Quantum Box

Leveraging advanced quantum technologies, such as quantum mesh networks, repeaters, key distribution, and our state-of-the-art ecosystem is set to redefine communication, ensuring your privacy, freedom, and legacy remain intact. Dive into unparalleled speeds with our proprietary QPhone and Quantum Box, both harnessing the QGWAVE frequency. Our low-Earth satellite framework establishes a decentralized, incentivized foundation for the quantum internet.

The Quantum Generation® Space movement champions digital freedom, privacy, and security. Break free from the constraints of centralized tech and government influence. With Quantum Generation®, steer your course in a truly global free marketplace.



The QPhone Projected Target Launch has been rescheduled to
January 31, 2024, due to software updates. 
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Get Ready for the Future!

"When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say." -George R. R. Martin

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Quantum Generation® provides a solution to censorship. Become a part of the Quantum Generation® Space-Based Community and protect your freedoms. Privacy, Wealth, and Sovereignty while creating new global prosperity and legacy. Our community is built with a desire to protect our privacy, anonymity, sovereignty, and wealth. 

As tech, politics, threaten our freedoms and wealth, a Global Reset in banking, social media, and communication emerges. This pivotal transformation can erode our rights and privacy. Communication, vital to society, thrives on platforms like social media. We must control our data and identity, preventing any platform from silencing us. Join Quantum Generation®'s Space-Based Community. Safeguard your freedom, privacy, and wealth while forging a global sovereign legacy.

Quantum Generation®
QG369® Community Token

Join Quantum Generation® Ltd., the pioneering decentralized quantum blockchain community. With the QG369® NFT Membership Card, members exchange and gain real-world benefits.

Our mission at Quantum Generation is a decentralized space where collaboration enhances lives. Unique to us, every QG® transaction sparks economic growth, distributing advantages among members.

Supported by the QG369® membership, our Space-Based ecosystem consistently grows in value. Embrace this innovation for exclusive perks, including QPhone VIP access. Be at the forefront of exchange evolution – join Quantum Generation® now.

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Transformational Space-Based Ecosystem™ with QGSAT® QUBIT Blockchain® Satellite. QG369® Membership  Community.

Join the Quantum Generation® Space-Based Community and secure your liberties, privacy, wealth, and independence while also creating global prosperity and a lasting legacy. Gain access to exclusive benefits with a QG369® annual membership.



The Future is in our rear view mirror. Join the QG® Movement!

QG® Space Based Model 

Quantum Generation®'s acquisition and partnerships has brought cutting-edge technology and expertise to protect your data through decentralized blockchain security. The QG network uses high-performance encryption and quantum key generation/distribution for long-term data protection.

QG also offers space-based cloud storage with QGSpaceCloud® on the QSAT™ constellation, making cloud storage, IoT, unified communications, and banking faster and secure with the patented QUBIT Blockchain® and QG™ Graphene Technology, which uses particle streams instead of quantum waves for satellite communication and QG® repeaters and QKD. 

QG® Space Based Mobile

Quantum Generation® is revolutionizing cyber security with the largest decentralized, incentivized, self-sustaining, orbital, and ground quantum mesh network based on blockchain technology, QSAT™ Blockchain Constellation. The network utilizes proprietary QUBIT Blockchain® and QG WAVE technologies for quantum frequency, end-to-end dynamic split encryption, dynamic split geo-distribution, and quantum key distribution & authentication.

The goal of Quantum Generation® is to bring privacy, security, and control back to everyday communication by allowing users to communicate via incentivized nodes, Wi-Fi, or data on the quantum mesh network, without relying on traditional providers or centralized infrastructure. The mesh network will be powered by the QG® Wave technologies and qubit blockchain, bringing major changes to communication, data storage, financial markets, and digital ID.

Quantum Generation® and QGTechX® development teams boast strong technical expertise and unique market knowledge, with 2/3 of employees in R&D and an international security expert and renowned cryptographer team. 

QSAT™ Blockchain Satellite Constellation 

The World's First & Only Quantum Mesh Blockchain Satellite Constellation!

Join the Quantum Generation® community and be a part of the world's first decentralized, secure, and sustainable space-based ecosystem powered by QSAT™. Benefit from the integration of innovative technologies such as QUBIT Blockchain®, QG™ Graphene Technologies, and QG Wave. Experience enhanced privacy and control in your communications and data storage with the QG® Quantum Mesh Network™. With a strong R&D focus and a team of security experts, the Quantum Generation® community is at the forefront of the digital revolution. Join now and be a part of the future of secure, autonomous and sovereign communications.

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Join the QG® Movement now and take control of your future. Don't let big government and centralized tech dictate your online experience. With Quantum Generation® you can secure your privacy, protect your security, and shape your destiny in a diverse and thriving global marketplace. Help us build a decentralized platform that gives you the power to control your own destiny. Be a part of shaping the future of technology by becoming a part of the Quantum Generation® Infrastructure today

Quantum Generation® Exclusive Limited Space Based Membership. Join the QG369® Movement with a chance to Win a TESLA!

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